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Do you know about all the Mental Health and Wellbeing services in Sheffield?

ADIRA & SHSC Present

Black Mental Health Live is a virtual event for the Afro-Caribbean community but all are welcome.

ADIRA, Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust & Flourish have worked together to put on this event  to look at ways to engage with the BAME community to build better relationships- break down barriers, dispel any myths about mental health services and build positive relationships with this community. 

We are hopeful that in doing this it will support people to come forward for help at an earlier point with their mental health problems so that they are able to enter into preventable treatments rather than at a point where they are very unwell and require for example hospital inpatient care. 

We want to raise awareness of our mental health services, what’s available and how to access them.

We also want to learn more from the community about what they want from services and how we can better work together to provide the care and support that’s needed. 

Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust is a major employer in the city. The event will be an opportunity to talk to the community about the variety of career and employment opportunities in the Trust, both clinical and non-clinical.

Re-watch presenter Nathan Medina live to hear personal stories from Amina, Clive, Peter, Saiqa, Ursula and more…


A historic abuse survivor with lived experience of mental health issues. Who now runs her own survivor led mental health and well-being organisation.


I have lived my whole life with physical disability alongside mental health problems. I was praised for overcoming one yet felt isolated if I mentioned the other that’s when I decided to use my voice to take a stand against the stigma of mental illness.  


Deputy Chief Executive Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust- Clive has had many roles within the Trust, with lots of experience in leading and managing as a senior  Executive Director and part of the Trust Board.


Clinical Psychologist Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust- Peter works in the Early Intervention team with people who experience psychosis and he also works on the acute mental health ward.


Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist-  Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust – Saiqa is working in the Specialist Psychotherapy services with people who have a range of difficulties including, Trauma, Depression Anxiety & Post Traumatic Stress. 


A professional actor and presenter based in Sheffield who is passionate about breaking down some of the barriers and stigma associated with mental health.  


Nurse Consultant Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust- Adelaide has worked in mental health services for many years and supports people who have a range of difficulties. 


Chief Pharmacist- Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust- Abiola has worked as a pharmacist for a number of years in mental health services.


A black counsellor working in the IAPT service at Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Trust. She see’s part of her role as being able to help and support people from her community.


Based in Sheffield, Abdi has received support for social anxiety which interfered in all aspects of his daily life and isolated him from society.

What we’ll be discussing

Lived experience

Hear the personal
stories of people who
have struggled with
their mental health.

Getting help

  1. Including
  2. -Loss and Grief
  3. -Psychosis
  4. -Depression and

Careers in Mental Health

Hear from people who have
made their career in mental
health support. What are the
opportunities for you?

Know your rights

Understanding why the mental health act is used and what are your rights as a member of the Afro-Caribbean community

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars”

Martin Luther King JR